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Network Connections is an analysis of social software that attempts to turn online introductions into offline interactions. By mapping the functionality of three case studies -- Friendster, Ryze and Meetup -- to the characteristics of successful group and community interaction, Network Connections tries to draw conclusions about which design decisions best suit that purpose.
Thesis Presentation
The full and original version of Network Connections. Master's thesis project submitted to ITP in May 2003 by Alicia L. Cervini. >> Visual presentation materials collected and compiled as a supplement to the paper for the in-class thesis defense. >>
Message Board Wiki
Use the designated QuickTopic discussion space to express your ideas and thoughts on the subject of social software and online social networks. >> A collaborative version of Network Connections lives on this wiki. Feel free to revise, rewrite, add, delete or otherwise contribute to the work! >>

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Contact: Alicia L. Cervini
Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2003